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Mail Order Marijuana FAQ

What are Marijuana Coupon codes?

Marijuana Coupons is your prime source for cannabis discount coupons on the internet. We offer over two hundred mail order marijuana online retailer coupons to thrifty customers.

How to Redeem Marijuana Coupons codes

Browse through our catalog of Mail Order Marijuana retailers. Select a coupon code, right-click it and select copy. Visit the retailer page, enter or paste the coupon code at checkout and redeem!

Do coupons codes expire?

Coupons all have different expiration dates. Some may last as short as a weekend or a week, or a month. It’s up to the retailer how long a coupon will last.

How does a deal make it to the Homepage?

We have a team of dedicated Coupon Curators study the data behind the curtain to bring you deals that are highly viewed, engaged or redeemed. Coupons that meet this threshold have the chance to make it to the front page.

Who curates the deals?

Our Coupon Curator team organizes and reviews all the offers provided by businesses interested in offering deals to clients. A 10% discount is our minimum prerequisite for being listed and our decisions are influenced by our customers’ engagement.

What is popular?

Our popular deals are a driven by data. Deals will reach certain levels of interest by customers in terms of views, clicks and cuts and will be classified under “popular” page

Is there a difference between a coupon and a code?

Coupons”, “codes” and “discounts” are all used interchangeably on this site to represent a valued discount offered by a mail order marijuana retailer.

I’m interested in listing one of my coupons, how do I do this?

If you’re a retailer interested in having your coupon listed on our website, please contact us through the Contact Us Page.